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Who We Are

We are a family-run hospitality business, and our work involves helping our guests make the most of their holidays in Chalikidiki. We achieve this by providing a relaxed, discreetly luxurious and comfortable accommodation environment, expert local advice to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area and also access to many varied activities to get our guests off the beaten path. Such activities include sailing, hiking, cycling.

Why Alterra Vita?

The name Alterra Vita is a play on words. It contains the latin “alter (different)”, “terra (earth)” and “vita (life)”.
Living differently is the core philosophy of our business, and the earth symbolizes our affinity for nature, the stunning beauty of Chalkidiki and our love for the great outdoors.

This philosophy is what allows us to offer our guests not just a comfortable and relaxing stay, but also the kind of experiences that will help make their holidays in our beautiful country the most memorable of their lives.

What Do We Do

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