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Alterra Vita Sailing

Spend some days on board, on our 45ft sailing yacht, the Alterra Vita, experiencing a unique sailing adventure. Our destinations are secluded beaches and extraordinary spots, not accessible by car and away from the crowds. Get a holistic view of Halkidiki or the Sporades in just a few days.

Set sail on a luxurious sailing boat and explore the turquoise waters of Northern Greece. Spend some days wandering around the gulfs of Halkidiki or even sail to the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonisos in the beautiful Sporades, where you can enjoy the incredible scenery made famous by movies such as “Mamma Mia”.

You will get the opportunity to enjoy a drink on board, sleep while listening to nothing but the sound of the waves, relax by reading a book while sunbathing on deck, taste some traditional Greek cuisine on-board and watch the ultimate sunset as the sun drops behind the endless horizon.

For small groups (up to 8 people) we can tailor make a custom itinerary to one of our destinations around the north Aegean.

Book with us for as many days as you want. We have several ways to organise your perfect sailing holiday, depending on your desires and circumstances. Please contact us for more information.

Sailing Trips

Not interested in sleeping aboard a boat?

We have you covered!

For those that want to experience sailing but are not sure they would like to spend more than a day on a boat, we have you covered. Why not try our daily excursions for a day, experiencing most of what sailing has to offer. Perfect for first-timers or inexperienced sailors.