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7-day Trip – Sporades

Northern Sporades is a group of 11 islands located in the North West of the Aegean Sea, of which 4 are inhabited: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos & Skyros. Dense vegetation, rocky terrain and pure blue seas make this paradise island complex a uniquely alternative destination.

Sporades offers a perfect combination of nature and cosmopolitan life.

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Why choose to sail in the Sporades Islands?

Sporades islands are famous for the regular summer meltemi winds and as the setting for the 2008 ‘Mamma Mia’ movie.  The area is also home to the National Marine Park of Alonissos and the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal.

Five or six beaches on Skiathos and Skopelos are considered the best in the eastern Mediterranean

In our itinerary you will have the chance to spend a night anchored in a secluded bay with just the twinkle of starlight above you.  The only sound is of water lapping on the beach and the tinkle of bells from wandering goats!  This is a most satisfying and relaxing way to enjoy these islands.

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Terms & Conditions

Read The Terms & Conditions

  • The itinerary is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the skipper
  • Each booking is automatically confirmed after paying the deposit of 50% (during the process of the booking). The rest of the money has to be paid until 1 month before the scheduled trip.
  • Τhere is a minimum of 5 passengers for the departure to be confirmed. In case the trip is cancelled due to low participation, all money will be refunded and we can assist you to find alternative accommodation at Neos Marmaras or the nearby area.
  • When the required participation is confirmed it acquires the confirmed status, and all participants that have applied and paid the deposit will receive a notification email stating the confirmed status of the trip.
  • The above price includes the skipper’s payment, cost of fuel, port charges and the cleaning of the boat after the trip.
  • Sets of linens (2 Bed linens, pillowcases, pillows) are also included and provided.
  • The start/finish point of the trip is N. Marmaras Marina
  • After a booking cancellation due to participants, refunds will be done as follows:
    • Cancellations until 28/2/17–> full refund
    • Cancellations up until 1 month before the trip –> The 50% deposit will not be refunded.
    • Cancellations within 1 month from the start date of the trip will not be refunded.
  • Each cabin is for 2 people, thus each booking has to be for an even number of people. (e.g. 2,4,6,8)
  • Please note that single bookings should be flexible to share a room with another person
  • For single occupancy of the double cabin, 180% of the price is required
  • Children under 7 years old and pets are not allowed (please contact us to discuss)

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Detailed Itinerary

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Day 1: Neos Marmaras & West Sithonia/Anchoring Porto Koufo

Welcome to Neos Marmaras, Halkidiki.

During Day 1 you will check in to the boat, a briefing meeting will take place at 15:00 onboard and a bit later a group will go to a local supermarket to buy the supplies for the trip. We will set sails as soon as possible so we have a swim stop on the way to Porto Koufo Harbour, where we will spend the night aboard the boat.

Porto Koufo is a small and quiet fishing village that smells fresh fish. It is located 25 km away from Neos Marmaras and in order to get there you’ll pass through an idyllic route full of pine trees that will remain unforgettable to you. Porto Koufo is the safest and largest (in depth) natural harbor in Greece and is the place where almost all fishing boats in the region unload their fish. The only sure thing is that at Porto Koufo and in its beautiful taverns you will eat the freshest fish in Halkidiki.

Day 2:  Heading south to “Kyra Panagia” island – Sporades/Anchoring “Kyra Panagia”

After 6 hours of sailing we will rich the northest island of Sporades complex “Kyra Panagia”.

“Kyra Panagia” has two natural harbours, Agios Petros and Planitis. The latter, Planitis, is the safest of the two and like many harbours on the Greek islands this used to be a shelter for pirates during the Middle Ages.  Nowadays there are people that rent the land from the monastery to graze their goats. Because there are many springs on the island it is a good place to keep animals. There is a monastery on the east side of Kyra Panagia which is currently (2011) under restoration. It is inhabited by a single monk. We will spend the night there, you can jump off the boat for a swim, we will cook and eat on board. That’s the best  spot for sky watching as the light of the stars is amazing . The next morning you can have a morning swim and we are off to go to Alonisos island.

Day 3: Peristera Island & Alonissos /Anchoring Alonissos

2 hours of nice sailing and we will visit “Peristera” a nice small island next to Alonissos island.

It is situated just east of Alonissos island. Although the island is labeled as deserted or uninhabited there are 5 people living in a tiny settlement called Vasiliko.

We will have a swim stop to one of the very nice beaches of the island and then we will visit beautiful Alonisos to spend the night there. Anchoring to Steni Vala or Patitiri port close to the town of Alonisos. You will have time to visit and explore the beautifull small town, visiting some cool bars and tavernas.

Day 4.  Skopelos /Anchoring Skopelos Port

We start in the morning and have a swim stop to one of Alonissos beaches. After that we set sails to Skopelos island.  We will spend the rest of the day and night in Skopelos Port, exploring the cosmopolitan town and drink our cocktails at the end of the night.

Skopelos is the official “Greenest Island” in the Mediterranean; also, it is the second largest island in the Sporades and lastly, it became more famous as one of the locations for the Hollywood musical movie, “Mamma Mia”.

Day 5. Skiathos/ Anchoring Skiathos port

We leave Skopelos and we hop to Skiathos, the busiest member of the Sporades group.

Skiáthos, the most cosmopolitan island in the Northern Sporades, is truly a paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystal-clear azure waters. Despite the rapid growth in tourism here in recent decades, it the island is still picturesque, unspoiled and blessed with more than 60 beautifully clean beaches. The most famous is Koukounariés, which has been declared the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. When you add in its bustling nightlife, it is only natural that the island attracts thousands of young visitors every year!

Day 6: “free for you to decide” / Anchoring  Alonisos.

We will decide on the day how we want to spend the last day in Sporades based on what you liked the most so far. Ideally we anchor at Alonisos so that next day we have shortest sail back to Halkidiki.

Day 7: West Sithonia (Kelyfos Island & Porto Carras Private bays/ Anchoring  Neos Marmaras

We set sails early in the morning so we reach Halkidiki in the afternoon in order to swim there. First stop Kelyfos (the Turtlle island) just opposite Neos Marmaras. Then we visit Porto Carras private bays, an area of unique natural beauty, that is not easily accessible by car. We have our last swim of the day there and we return to Neos Marmaras Port to spend the night there.

Day 8: Neos Marmaras & Check out

We can all have our breakfast together onboard and then our trip reaches to its end and it is time to say goodbye till your next trip.

Check out time is by 9.30 in the morning.

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What’s Included

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  • 44ft. luxurious sailing yacht, accomodating 8 people max. in double cabins
  • Experienced and Certified skipper
  • Fuel, water and electricity
  • VAT
  • Marina fees
  • Cleaning fee at the end of the trip
  • Bed sheets, pillows, pillowcases and bath towels are provided

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What’s Not Included

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  • Transfer from/to embarkation/disembarkation
  • Meals/drinks
  • Beach towels
  • Personal Insurance
  • Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions / Important Information

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Q: Why sailing with Alterra Vita?

The Alterra Vita holiday experience means you’ll eat the local way, travel the local way, sleep the local way and experience the ultimate Greek Hospitality no matter what activity you choose to enjoy with us.
Both crew members have spent many years in Halkidiki, have already explored all the secret paradises for you, and can give you all the necessary tips to enjoy your stay at Halkidiki, on the yacht and even show you how to sail a boat.
At the same time our skipper is a very experienced, certified skipper, having great sailing experience in some of the most challenging waters of the world.

Q: What is the maximum group size?

The maximum capacity on our boat is 8 (plus 1 crew members).

Q: Is sailing experience required?

No. It is certainly welcome but not required.

Q:Are children allowed?

For safety reasons we would prefer not to host children below the age of 7 year old. Additionally, swimming skills are a prerequisite for children to participate in these trips.

Q:Are animals allowed?

Although we love animals we would prefer not to host animals during these trips for the convenience of the rest of the group. In case the boat is booked by a whole group of friends, then animals could be travel on board.

Q:Which is the meeting point and time for the trips?

The embarkation/disembarkation point is at Marmaras Harbour.

Please note that due to sailing being a heavily weather-dependent activity, sometimes itineraries may have to change. We recommend an additional night at the beginning and end of the trip to ensure nobody misses any onward flights. Please contact us and we can assist you to find accommodation based on your needs and budget.

Q: Who decides rooming configurations?

The skipper will allocate rooms on arrival to the boat. Single travellers will be paired up with another passenger of the same sex, and this may mean sharing a double mattress side by side. In practice, lots of passengers end up sleeping on deck, as it’s warm and there’s no air conditioning on a sailing boat.

Q:What about the toilets? Do the cabins have ensuites?

No, there are only two toilettes on the boat (please see boat floor plan for details). Bathroom facilities are shared. Cold and hot water is available for showers, and toilets are either electronic or hand pump.

Q: What should I bring with me?

As you probably know, there is limited amount of space on the boat, so please avoid bulky suitcases, or ten pairs of shoes. Wheeling an enormous suitcase along the small deck of a yacht isn’t really an option, and you’ve got to be considerate of the people you’ll be sharing this space with for the next days.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably be wearing the same outfit every day, which will essentially consist of shorts, a t-shirt, a swimming-suit and flip-flops. Below we provide you with a short list, that is not designed to be an exhaustive packing list, but it’ll get you thinking like a real sailor:

  • Some flip flops or deck shoes that can get wet
  • A jumper or a waterproof jacket – while days on the water will be beautifully warm, it can get quite cold during the evenings, so bring something to stay cozy in.
  • A beach towel (a bath towel will be provided by us).
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat
  • Swimsuits (don’t worry about the snorkel and fins – we provide those)
  • A small flashlight – you’ll thank us when it’s 12am and you’re crawling through a dark, crowded cabin trying to find your pyjamas.
  • A medium-sized fabric bag that can be flattened or stored easily

Tip: Just remember that it is a huge pain trying to haul a massive suitcase up and down a tiny stepladder.

Q: Can you assist me with post or pre trip accommodation in Neos Marmaras and/or Thessaloniki?

Regarding Halkidiki, we can host you in one of our accommodation options (Alterra Vita B&B and our lovely independent apartments at the outskirts of the village). In case of no availability we can arrange accommodation with one of our business partners.

Regarding Thessaloniki, we can give you some accommodation options but we do not cooperate directly with any provider.

Q: How much does transfer from and to Thessaloniki Airport cost? How long does it take?

  1. One-way taxi drive costs about 100-120 EUR (max 4 passengers) – Trip duration: approx. 1h 20mins
  2. One-way bus trip costs 14 EUR per person – Trip duration: approx. 2h 30mins
    Departure bus times from Thessaloniki to Neos Marmaras: 9.30am, 13.30, 17.45
    Departure bus times from Neos Marmaras to Thessaloniki Bus station: 8.00am, 15.00, 18.30
  3. Car transfers: Contact us and we can arrange a one-way transfer at the cost of 80-90 EUR (max 4 passengers) and a minivan transfer for 100-110 EUR (max 6-7 passengers)
  4. Car rentals: Contact us and we can arrange car rentals (pick up from Thessaloniki Airport or any place in Halkidiki, and return either to the Airport or to any other place in Halkidiki)

Other Important Notes


The trip commences on day 1 in Neos Marmaras at 7pm. But you have the flexibility to check in anytime during DAY 1 since the boat will stay at the port till early in the following morning. In case you are not able to participate at the briefing meeting at 7pm, please contact the captain directly at or call him on his mobile: +306948758082, to inform him about your arrival time.


Summer temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, which can be uncomfortable for those not used to the heat. Please consider the time of the year you wish to travel and your suitability to that season.


The minimum age on this trip is 7. Please note that triple cabins are not available. If travelling with a child, we will give the child the cabin with 2 singe beds where it can share with another kid or alternatively, the child will need to share with one of the adults/parents, and the other adult will share with another adult passenger, or pay a single supplement.


Dietary requirements are required at the time of booking so that any included meals can be properly catered for or the shopping supplies can incorporate these requirements.


Please note that the majority of our sailing trips start and/or finish at a marina or port. If you have pre-booked any additional accommodation through us, you will need to make your own way to the joining point on day 1 and from the finish point on the final day. We do not provide transfers between hotels and the port/marina.

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