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Kostas Vamvakas

Outdoors Co-ordinator / Skipper

The youngest member of the Alterra Vita family, Kostas is the outdoors activities co-ordinator for Alterra Vita, which makes him responsible for researching, organising and co-ordinating all kinds of outdoors adventures.

He is also the skipper of the sailing boat during the Alterra Vita Sailing Trips.

He is a certified, commercially endorsed R.Y.A. Yachtmaster (Offshore Sail) with plenty of hands-on experience working for chartered yachting and adventure travel companies, most notably Intrepid Travel for whom he worked with, as skipper and guide for two years, sailing the Cyclades – considered by many to be some of the most challenging waters in the world of sailing.

He is also the mastermind behind Flying Sailship, a Facebook page dedicated to sailing and the sea in general, and, in general, a man of the great outdoors, also interested in more mountainous activities such as snowboarding, mountaineering and mountain biking.